My work has evolved from formal representation and portraiture to a broader, freer, less restrained approach to painting. I experiment much more with technique and composition, allowing a collision of elements to take place. Pop and iconic imagery may hover over a trace of an old European master painting, sometimes beautifully, sometimes with uncomfortable tension.

I don’t care to elaborate on the intention behind my work, or my aesthetic choices. This is not out of disrespect to my audience, but out of an understanding that the viewer brings their own interpretation to my work. My paintings suggest a possible narrative, but are not definitive statements about anything in particular. A little bit of everything is there, from social justice and politics to the simple appreciation of the color blue, or the wit of Porky Pig. The viewer takes it from there.

My process is experimental and there is little to no planning for each canvas. I have a general idea of what I want to paint, but the process determines the final piece. My attempt is to mix ideas, to create aesthetic contrasts on the same piece of canvas, and sometimes it’s a fight; The layering of paint, overpainting, wrestling with ideas, editing and re working an element until it’s right. In the end I try to create work that is fun and exciting to me.

– Alejandro Diaz Ayala

Diaz is heavily influenced by baroque artists Diego Velázquez and José de Alcibar. His work therefor intermixes classic subject matter with hints of pop and sub-culture. He connects, what could be dubbed old school style, with a 21st century state of mind.